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Political News

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Where Have All the Lobbyists Gone? -- The Nation

On paper, the influence-peddling business is drying up. But lobbying money is flooding into Washington, DC, like never before. What’s going on?          Read entire article

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Politics Pays -- National Review

No society can long thrive by making its innovators subservient to its bureaucrats.  Chelsea Clinton, from her $10.5 million perch on Gramercy Park,          Read entire article

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Obama Threatens to Go It Alone if Congress Doesn’t Help Fix Highways -- Time

Obama threatens to continue acting without Congress if they don't fix the Highway Trust   President Barack Obama’s speech Tuesday was intended to call Congress to action on replenishing a fund for state and federal highway projects.          Read entire article

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Rand Paul: Republicans Are "Too Eager for War" -- Mother Jones

That's what he said a year ago—before entering into a full-scale battle with Dick Cheney for the (national security) soul of the GOP          Read entire article

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Hobby Lobby, Liberty, Empathy, and Dignity -- Weekly Standard

After a surprising run of 9-0 decisions, the Supreme Court ended its year the way we've come to expect: with hotly contested 5-4 splits.           Read entire article

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Obama: People 'extraordinarily cynical about Washington' -- USA Today

President Obama asked his Cabinet Tuesday for ideas on possible executive actions, if only to answer the negative views so many people have about government."They are extraordinarily cynical about Washington right now, and rightfully so,"          Read entire article

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Karl Rove vs. Hillary Clinton: Whisper campaign explodes on Internet -- Chicago Tribune

Judged strictly as strategy, and not, say, for its morality, Karl Rove’s blast at Hillary Clinton on Tuesday demonstrated how the game of political trickery manifests itself in the Internet age. Allegation reported, allegation denied, outrage from the victimized Read entire article

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Democratic leader needles GOP: tea party has already won civil war -- Christian Science Monitor

Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says tea party candidates might have lost Republican primaries Tuesday, but they've moved the party far to the right.Read entire article

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On global warming, conservatives have a blind spot — and liberals have tunnel vision -- The Week

But that doesn't mean we can't find a solution to Earth's rising temperature The decibel level in our national debate about global temperature went up several notches this week. The White House noisily Read entire article

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Is the Tea Party Over? --American Conservative

Mitch McConnell says, "We are going to crush them everywhere," and the party establishment is betting he's right. Last week, Greg Brannon failed to force a runoff in the North Carolina Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Polls show Paul Broun Read entire article

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Republican Civil War Peaks as Primaries Test Tea Party -- Bloomberg

Defining battles in a Republican Party feud will play out during the next month in primaries that will help determine control of the U.S. Senate and shape the party’s priorities before the 2016 presidential campaign. Read entire article

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Reagan and Keynes: The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name -- New Yorker

Toward the end of 1981, nearly a year after Ronald Reagan entered the White House, Sir Nicholas Henderson, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Washington, wrote an annual review, including his observations of the President, and sent it to the Foreign Office,Read entire article

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