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Millennials Shunned Hillary in 2008. Her Shadow Campaign Won't Let It Happen Again -- Mother Jones

Inside Ready for Hillary's campus organizing blitz.When Hillary Clinton narrowly lost the Democratic nomination in 2008, there was one key voting bloc that derailed her presidential bid: college Read entire article

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TX Poll: Greg Abbott More Popular Than Wendy Davis Among Women -- Weekly Standard

Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott of Texas is more popular among female voters than his Democratic opponent, state senator Wendy Davis, according to a new poll from PPP. The Democratic polling firm found 51 percent of Texas voters support Abbott while 37 percent Read entire article

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GOP sets small goals for black voter outreach -- USA Today

It is not easy to win over African-American voters to the Republican Party, says Felice Pete, a Raleigh, N.C., activist who is trying to do just that. Of the 6.6 million registered voters in the state, only about 35,000 are black Republicans. In fact, Pete says, "It's just so hard to recruit a Read entire article

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Some Senate Democrats call on Obama to approve Keystone XL pipeline -- Chicago Tribune

WASHINGTON — A group of Democratic senators, including several facing tough re-election races, sent a letter Thursday to President Obama demanding approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline by May 31.Read entire article

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Democrats, GOP agree on equal pay for women. Almost. -- Christian Science Monitor

President Obama and US Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers gave the weekly political addresses Saturday. They both mentioned equal pay for women, but from there the talks split into partisan themes.Read entire article

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Kathleen Sebelius will not be remembered for ObamaCare's shoddy rollout -- The Week

The media is being too hard, and too short-sighted, about the end of a hard-working HHS secretary's long tenure Heath and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced her resignation on Thursday, and all anyone could talk about Read entire article

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Scott Brown’s Second Act -- American Conservative

He was a Tea Party idol when he ran for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat—but does anyone want him in New Hampshire?Barack Obama’s second set of midterm elections appear likely to resemble his first: Republican gains—or a Democratic Read entire article

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Obama Equal Pay Actions Match Senate Democrat Agenda -- Bloomberg

President Barack Obama signed two executive actions today designed to shed light on the pay practices of federal contractors, which he said will help eliminate salary disparities between men and women. Read entire article

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Big Government and the End of Slavery -- New Yorker

By now, enough people have said something about Jim DeMint’s recent neo-secessionist account of the Civil War that to continue to correct it might count as piling it on. In case you missed it, DeMint, once a Republican U.S. Senator from South Carolina Read entire article

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Unions and their war against the public -- American Spectator

Thanks to the Cato Institute's Walter Olson, a former colleague of mine, for highlighting public employee unions and their war against the public. Via his Facebook page, Olson gave his characteristically sharp take on an article about a recent train crash at Read entire article

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New Jersey Governor's aide testifies in bridge lane closures probe: report -- Reuters

(Reuters) - A key aide to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie testified on Friday in a far-reaching criminal investigation into the September 2013 lane closures near the George Washington Bridge, media reported.Read entire article

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Jeb Bush Says He Will Decide on 2016 Bid This Year -- Wall Street Journal

Jeb Bush says he’ll make up his mind this year on whether or not to run for president in 2016.During an interview on Fox News Channel, the former Republican governor of Florida said he’s been delaying making up his mind Read entire article

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